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Information Some Faves for Dirt Cheap...

Discussion in 'Alternative Gaming' started by Aethon, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Aethon

    Aethon Horsemen

    Guys, I would feel like a douche if I did not point it out; a few games I consider to be absolutely top-notch are on sale at GOG. That place is cheap anyway, so this is like, gaming on an I-spent-my-money-on-hookers-and-blow-and-have-5-bucks-left budget.

    First off, the under-rated one of the three, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. This one is gloriously dark and violent, with melee that actually kept me interested in stabing, slashing and gutting, instead of my usual favourite, shooting. It also includes an HD remake of the first Riddick game, Escape from Butcher Bay, which was also awesome. Also, there are some incredible payback moments in this one...and they are very, very personal, not to mention enjoyable.


    Second, System Shock 2. You do not need to have played the first before you enjoy this one. The graphics are outdated, but the story, audio, and game mechanics hold their own, IMHO. It's a horror sci-fi first-person RPG/shooter. I would almost hesitate to say much of the story; suffice to say, however, that it is very, very good.


    Last but not least, FTL: Advanced Edition. The newest of the bunch, even though it uses 16-bit-style graphics. The music is awesome, and you get the soundtrack with the game. The gameplay is very, very different each time you play the game, because everything is randomized. You choose your ship (with a bunch available to unlock via various accomplishments), you recruit and replace crew along the way, and upgrade your ship during your mission. There are also methods to crew placement throughout your ship; manning the weapons console increases your rate of fire, whereas manning the helm and engines increases your evasion chance, and the shield console can be used to speed up your shield recharge rate. While your main mission is to track down and destroy the rebel flagship, there are lots of side quests, often with plot twists, along the way.


    Just a quick recommendation, in case you guys are looking for something new to try once we finish mounting each other, lol.
  2. Badkarma

    Badkarma Horsemen

    Ohhh thanks.

    Being a Riddick fan I had to snag that one
  3. MrHumble

    MrHumble Kurultai Horsemen

    Good catch Aethon
  4. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen


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