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MMR Calculation (From the FS Website)

Discussion in 'Fractured Space' started by MrHumble, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. MrHumble

    MrHumble Kurultai Horsemen


    PROTAGONIST | August 25, 2016

    Every veteran captain in Fractured Space is likely to tell you their matchmaking rating (MMR) because for many it is a measure of a player’s performance in the game.

    The previous MMR system took into account your performance in game and changed quickly at first to hopefully assist players in getting a balanced game – and that’s the entire purpose of MMR: to give you a competitive match.

    We’ve been aware for some time that the old MMR formula was flawed, and in the run up to the Beta release of the game we’ve been working on its replacement. This replacement has been in initial live testing since late July, and was rolled out on 24-August. In order to better understand this new system, below is an overview of how it works.

    The new MMR system bases your rating on wins. Nothing else matters – win the game and your rating will increase, lose a game and your rating will decrease. We’re using a near traditional ELO system as a tried and tested approach to ranking players, and we believe that this will help everyone get better games as player numbers increase.

    When we started live tracking the new system in July every player in the game had their MMR set to 500. This will be the point from which all new players begin. Initially, when entering a game the MMR calculation will estimate your skill in the range of +/- 25% of your current number, to try you out against players who are better or worse than your rating suggests. Over time, this 25% range will shrink as your MMR becomes more established at which point the system will have a high level of confidence that your MMR is representative of your skill.

    Whenever you are matchmade the game will consider whether it expects you to win or lose that game based on your estimated MMR, that of your team-mates and that of your opponents. If you beat the odds and win a game you were expected to lose you will gain more MMR than if you win a game you were expected to win easily. The same is true in reverse: lose a game you were expected to win your MMR will drop accordingly.

    In the majority of cases you’ll gain or lose between 10 and 20 points of MMR in a game, however this can go higher or lower if the odds become longer. You will, however always gain MMR from a win, and lose some from a loss.

    During the initial shakedown of this new calculation there will be some oddly balanced games (particularly if you consider the old MMR ratings) but since strong players should regularly beat those who aren’t quite as good, over time this system will balance out. That is why we’re introducing it ahead of the Beta release – to ensure that the 500 starting point is clear of as many experienced players as possible.

    Remember, MMR’s sole purpose for existing is to help find you a game you have an equal chance of winning or losing. This new system will help accomplish this, particularly once the number of players in the game increases.

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