Floor Plans: Hereford Base - Protect Hostage

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Pictures of each defend location along with the camera locations. In the matchmaking preferences this is called TDM - Secure Area (Multiplayer)/Protect Hostage (Terrorist Hunt) and the map is called Hereford Base.

Protect Hostage


Master bedroom
No roof access here but there are lots of side rooms and everything is destructible walls.

There is a roof access right above the hostage, and a floor access right behind the hostage to the level below. The floor access here is to the storage room by the stairs in the basement.

Here is the roof access. To get to it
  • Go out the main door in to the hallway
  • Go up the stairs
  • Go into the office which is the first door on your left
  • The access is in between the two desks

Floor access to the level below.

Hallway into the garage (garage is left and main hallway is right)

Garage, there is a ladder in the left hand corner which goes down to the level below.

To main hallway (this is the garage hallway)

There is one roof access in this room. If you are facing the back of the hostage then it is to your right in the corner behind you.

To find the roof access
  • Go into the main hall
  • Go up the stairs
  • Head towards the main exit door
  • Enter the Piano room (last door on your left)
  • in the back right corner behind a bookcase the access is there

Camera Locations

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