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Mumble Information

  1. Dark DeLaurel
    We have our own Mumble server which is backup to us using the Clan TeamSpeak server. This will be a guide on how to connect to Mumble if we are not on TeamSpeak.

    You will need to download the mumble client from

    Make sure you grab the client that is correct for your operating system. Which for Microsoft Windows is 1.2.5 (stable)

    Once installed you will need to add our server and it's information is as follows:

    Label: Clan Hell's Horses
    Address: clanhellshorses.mymumble.com
    Port: 4411

    Now to add this information you will need to do the following:
    1. Click on Server
    2. Click on Connect
    3. Click on Add New...
    4. Then fill out all the information
    5. Click OK
    This will now add the Clan Hell's Horses Server to your Mumble Server Connect screen. From here you can click on Connect and you will be connected to our mumble server.

    As of right now there is a 25 person limit to the server, as we grow and need more space we will add more slots.


    1. add_server.png