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Dark DeLaurel

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Hail All,

I have been asked in the past about being able to donate to help with the costs of the server our web page is hosted on, but have never had a good way to set it up and more importantly how to show that someone has donated to the cause.

Then I realized that our ever great Hyper-Pulse Generator software (this forum) has a built in way to do both of these. So as of today you can now donate between 5-20$ in 5$ increments as one time payments and will get a special forum title called Horsemen Loyalist (this will eventually get styled all slick like) the title will only last for a month (due to how the software handles this, I am looking to see if there is a way to make it permanent).

If you wish to donate just follow these easy steps
  1. Click your name
  2. Click Account Upgrades
  3. Select the amount you wish to donate
  4. Enjoy!
As always if you have questions or concerns feel free to post in this thread or if you do not want to be public about it send me a Personal Conversation!