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Scumbag level 10

Discussion in 'World of Tanks' started by Dark DeLaurel, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen

    It would appear I have ascended to scumbag level 10, the second most worst cancer.

    worldoftanks_2017_01_17_22_03_12_453.png worldoftanks_2017_01_17_22_03_17_761.png worldoftanks_2017_01_17_22_03_21_222.png worldoftanks_2017_01_17_22_03_25_918.png
  2. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen

    Well I have found from talking to an enemy CGC (dude got 5 kills on 5 shots) that running gold is the way to go in this thing (normal HE shells are 233.7mm HE HE Mk.18 Pen 88-146mm, Dmg 1650-2750 with a splash of 7.76m and cost 2450 each while gold are 233.7mm HE HE Mk. 19 Pen 88-146mm, Dmg 1650-3750 with a splash of 11.1m at a cost of 8000 silver/20 gold). So I figured i would try it (he was running 12 of each) and this is the result (this is only 4 gold rounds)

    worldoftanks_2017_01_19_10_53_52_867.png worldoftanks_2017_01_19_10_53_55_057.png worldoftanks_2017_01_19_10_53_57_311.png

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