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Okay, I floated the idea of having times during the month so we can come together as a group to play certain games. While all you guys thought this was a good idea, I'm skeptical if we, as a group, will want to do it. So this is a trial run to see how it works out.

Some hard rules I want to list off first.

1. This is not a list of games that must be played! The list is only here to bring some of us together who are interested in changing things up from time to time.

2. During the period of the month a game is listed, please try to be amenable to trying it out. If not, no biggie. However the more of us that dabble in this little project the more successful it will be and the more likely a game you like will be played more often.

3. Any game missed or you feel would work better at a different time of the month, please feel free to say something. I think us being adaptable will make this idea more likely succeed.

I hope I didn't miss any obvious key points?!?
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Here are the monthly list of games. I thought it would be easier to try this out by weekly blocks instead of set days. Week 1 will start at the first Sunday of the first FULL (7 days all in the same month) week of the month. For the occasional odd month that has 5 weeks (i.e. October of this year), we'll do something different.

First Week: Borderlands series

Second Week: Armored Warfare

Third Week: World of Tanks/World of Warships

Fourth Week: MWO/Rainbow 6 Siege

Fifth Week(oddball): Open Season week, feel free to recommend different games that are not on the listed here.

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I am happy with this, and I have found a calendar addon for the HPG so while I am on vacation/holiday I will try and get it installed.