Kung Fury


Seriously, you need to see this. It is 29 minutes and 3 seconds long, and I promise, I will give you your money back if you do not enjoy a hearty, sensible chuckle while viewing it.

If you still need convincing, this short film contains 80's music, dinosaurs, explosions, Miami, a Lamborghini Countach, Thor, arcade machines, time travel, epic pecs, cobras, Viking chicks with guns and spiky bikini tops, Hitler, lots of kung fu, and laser unicorns. It is like G.I. Joe, Knight Rider, Lethal Weapon, Mortal Kombat, and Sledgehammer had a five-way while riding on the back of a laser unicorn that was surfing on a moving Lamborghini.

This is the finest piece of cinematic work I have seen in a long, long time, gentlemen. Please do your eyeballs a favour, and treat them to 29 minutes and 3 seconds of Kung Fury.



Laseraptors and barbarian chicks with machine guns.....where do you find this awesome stuff? Loved it!