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Discussion in 'World of Tanks' started by Aethon, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Aethon

    Aethon Horsemen

    Ever wanted an RU-251 without a turret? That is basically what WG turned this thing into. It has effectively no armour, the same damage as a Tiger, less pen than a Tiger, and has no pref match making. Speed and stealth are the only things it has going for it.

    Honestly, as much as I love the way it looks...not sure if want. Especially for $50USD.

    If you already have a Jagdtiger 88, I would not consider this a replacement; rather, it is a completely different vehicle. Purchase with caution.
  2. MrHumble

    MrHumble Kurultai Horsemen

    For $67 Canadian....and I already have the fast-no-armor CDC....mmmm....I'll pass on the Kanonenjagdgermanwordforfastgun
  3. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen

    This seems more like an E25 replacement than a JdgTiger 8.8 one, kind of sucks the initial reviews of this thing make it sound horrible (non streamers).

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