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Information Windows 10 and you

Discussion in 'Scientist & Technician Talk' started by Dark DeLaurel, May 26, 2016.

  1. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen

    Well with all the talk of the privacy issues surrounding Windows 10 and the fact that Microsoft is starting to make the GWX (get Windows 10) upgrade akin to malware in order to force people to upgrade. I thought this would be a good time to post this video (also because I have just installed WX and left everything on default :O).

    First up is a video from Barnacules Nerdgasm (yea stupid name but fits him as you'll see when you watch the video, he did used to work for Microsoft doing what I have no idea). This will go through step by step on how to disable all the privacy things along with an explanation of what they do (to the best of his knowledge). Then goes on to show some software to help keep yourself protected against the settings getting turned on again.

    Next up is a program that will disable all GWX update notifications and dodgyness that they are pulling to get you to upgrade your machine from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. I have put this on my laptop since it is not backed up and I have no urge to have shit get fucked up with an inplace upgrade (I really do not recommend an in place upgrade, there are tutorials out there that show how you can upgrade but do a fresh install).

    Again Barnacules has done a video on all the dodgyness of the forced upgrade to GWX and it is here

    The program he talks about can be found here http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/ do get it from this location as this is right from the guy who created it (I can't remember what video I watched that I pulled the link from originally, if I find it I will post it, but don't hold your breath while my machine has been getting rebuilt I have been watching a lot of YouTube on my Xbox...).

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