Why the Jaguars Lost the Battle of Luthien



Link to fullscreen, in case you prefer it: http://s14.photobucket.com/user/sturmgreif/media/ScreenShot0039_zpsd3tthpgj.jpg.html

5 dropships of Kurita-and-company, ready to go, while all groups on our side are already engaged, thus leading to ghost drop after ghost drop. The groups I have spoken with today hardly lost any battles whatsoever.

That planet should belong to CSJ.

Also, the queue shows 63 attackers and "99+" defenders; considering they had enough to fight all our groups, plus 5 more dropships inbound, they had about double the number of people we had. How the hell does that happen at a time of day like that?
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So Prussian Havoc explained what he believes to be the functioning mechanics behind ghost drops. If he is correct, of which I am doubtful, ghost drops determined little-to-nothing here. I remain skeptical, however, in light of the fact that PGI has never explained that mechanic, ever. I will simply shut my mouth publicly about it.

In short, he claims that any match reached between an attacking and defending group will reset the ghost drop timer for all the other groups. This does not explain to me how we went from 70% to 40% in 30 minutes, without the groups I spoke with having lost a match in that time.


lol!....i knew what you meant...but your sentence caused my cerebellum to flip on it's side....yeah...off topic.