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Useful PC console commands

Discussion in 'Fallout' started by Dark DeLaurel, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Dark DeLaurel

    Dark DeLaurel Staff Member Kurultai Horsemen

    This will only work for the PC version of Fallout 4.

    One of the things I have found is I like to build the settlements which sucks as you run into either limits in place on the amount of things you can build (and when a settlement that has just been cleared starts off at 25% built....) and the complete lack of resources to build something that will actually stand up to raider attacks.

    Attached are three files, each do different things. I will explain! :p

    First of all download these files to the following location [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4] (it is the default install for Fallout 4, so if you have Steam installed somewhere other than default please locate it and drop these in the main Fallout 4 folder).

    Now what these text files do is run commands through the console automagically wo give you stuff. To run them do the following when in game and not in workshop mode but near your workshop as it will overload you and you will have to dump the stuff in order not to be encumbered.

    crops.txt will give you 100 of each crop so you can get to work making food of all types
    mats.txt will give 1000 of each building material so you are able to start building something you do not need to tear down once you realize you need more space or other similar things.
    1. Press ~ (thats the tilde key key beside the 1) this brings up the console
    2. Type bat crops
      1. Press Enter
    3. Type bat mats
      1. Press Enter
    4. Press ~ again to close the console
    Now on to settlements.txt it is best to watch the video of the guy who made it as he explains it the best. If it works properly you will be able to just keep building, and building, and building!

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