Time to get busy, gentlemen.


The time has come...and so have I.

On track to the Jagdzilla, a.k.a. the Jagdpanzer E100.


If you do not have one yet, you need one, even if you do not realize it yet. Consider the following:

- It can one-shot any light tank in the game.
- Every time you fire this gun, you are ruining someone's match.
- If you ever wanted 300 penetration out of standard AP shells...this is the gun for you.
- If you want to send someone a message, you can load a gold round with 420 pen.
- If you hit someone's ammo rack, they are done. No ammo rack in the game has 800hp.
- It has, IMHO, better armor than an E100.
- It can hull-down like a beast; only other tier 10 TD's stand a chance of penning it at that point...
- ...and they have to use gold rounds to do it. They still usually bounce when you angle.
- Its gun looks and sounds amazing.
- The Germans considered 15cm a waste for railway guns; this 17cm gun sufficed, however.
- 17cm might not sound like a good size, but then you realize...this is girth. Oh my.
- You can make money in this thing, once you get the hang of it. Yes, income at tier 10.
- It will turn you into a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus...just like me.
- It will make mince-meat out of every tank you normally have to pussy-foot around with...
- ...at the rate of 1,000 hp per shot.
- You might only get to fire 3-4 times per match at times...and still do 3-4k direct-fire damage.
- You can hold alleys by yourself by simply sitting there, brandishing your gun at people.
- You make Senpai nervous.
- If you were to trade hits at a 1:1 ratio with any other tank in the game, you would win.
- The entire tree, with the exception of the Jagdpanzer IV, are excellent TD's. I kept several.
- It is...the most interesting tank destroyer in the world.

"I don't always rape T95's in the face...but when I do, I do it in 2 shots." - Jagdzilla