Patch 1.5




– Warp tunnel now has a slower effect to reduce reports of motion sickness from some players

– Added turret coverage display to inform the player of the percentage of total damage their primary weapon is currently capable of outputting

– Ally status display now has an icon for player lane and animations when player enters and leaves the same lane as the local player

– Homebase and Forward station display a status effect when it is healing you

– Removed the upgrade available number and icon from each of the individual team mate displays to reduce clutter

– Added 60s Gamma countdown notification

– Added Mark Target status effect sound to Watchman / Raider mark target abilities

– Added more A.I. Captain names including previously recognised Champion players

– Updated loading screens for the Destroyer and Gladiator

– Adjusted the resolution scaling options in options

– All stations now include improved local volume of some ambient audio elements

– Zarek Centurion Black Edition bundle added

– Supply Ships have been renamed to Crew Pods

– Added Crew voice over when a new template is gained from a supply ship

– Prevented players from buying loadouts and skins for ships they don’t own, adding a confirmation box for purchasing ships, loadouts and skins.

– Added a confirmation button when converting credits to DNA

– Crew can now be filtered by legendary status within the crew barracks

– Charge weapons/abilities throughout the game can now no longer charge while disarmed/disabled, and will lose all current charge upon being disarmed (this includes the Executioner, Guardian, Watchman and Overseer primary weapons)

– Charge time scaling has now been added to the upgrade paths of all ships

– Improved the refire rate of Charge Bombers, making it less likely that they will fail to deliver their entire payload in one bombing run

– Defense, Mobility, Heal Suppression and Heal Drones, Squad Dead cooldown and Squad Returned cooldown have increased by 1.25 to compensate for drone ability cooldown scaling

– Drones marked as an ability rather than weapon now benefit from utility cooldown reduction

– NEW LOADOUT OPTION : Quad Rockets. Quad rockets sacrifice alpha damage for significant improvement to sustained fire rate once the magazine is depleted.

– Replaced Harpoon system with Unguided Harpoon. Use the Right Mouse Button to fire, and the 2 key to pull (2 key is now a toggle)

– Decreased the Pull Rate from 1000 to 750

– Projectile lifetime adjusted to maintain 25,000km range

– Harpoon Projectile Speed increased from 3,000 to 4,000

– NEW LOADOUT OPTION : Ability Disable. Attacks utility systems on the target ship, rendering them inoperable for 5 seconds.

– Colossus’ Flak no longer breaks armor

– Increased the projectile speed of Artillery Cannons from 7,000 to 7,250. Lifetime adjusted accordingly to maintain 25,000km range

– Increased the projectile speed of the Linear Cannon from 15,000 to 16,000 with projectile lifespan adjusted to maintain its 18,000 range

– Increased the projectile speed of the Linear Autocannon from 15,000 to 17,000 with projectile lifespan adjusted to maintain its 18,000 range

– Increased the projectile speed of the Linear Sabot from 14,000 to 15,000 with projectile lifespan adjusted to maintain its 18,000 range

– Increased the Enforcer’s Escalate turret speeds – was 5.4 seconds, now 4.2 seconds for 360 rotation

– Decreased the projectile damage of the Gauss Cannon, was 720 now 680. All other damage remains the same

– Decreased armor, was 1200 now 1100 on all sides but the rear where that is 750

– Reduced max speed, was 550 now 525

– Executioner Overdrive now resets the charge on the primary weapon when activated

– Increased the projectile speed of Ion Blast from 2,000 now 3,000. Projectile lifetime adjusted to maintain maximum range

– Slugthrower and Burst Slugthrower per projectile damage has increased from 25 to 26

– Mass Slugthrower per projectile damage has increased from 100 to 108

– The Interceptor no longer suffers any cooldown penalty when disarmed while charging the Gauss Driver (and loadout variants)

– The Leviathan’s Fusion Beam (and loadout variants) can now only be disarmed during the charge period. They also no longer suffer any cooldown penalty when disarmed during charge up

– Plasma Field cooldown removed, instead favoring a recharge that takes 40 seconds to replenish once fully depleted

– Decreased Plasma Field energy consumption by 20 points of energy per second. Was 200, now 180

– Allied weapon fire can now pass through the Raider’s projected shield

– Increased Raider’s Scalpel Beam damage. Per projectile damage was 26/23/30 for stock, light and heavy variant now it’s 30/30/33

– The Watchman’s Mark Target ability now fires at the turret lead instead of the camera/cursor (making it consistent with the primary weapon)

– Multi Res settings will now be disabled for unsupported GPUs

– Stealth craft are no longer able to escape the Gravity Well by activating Cloak

– Allowed users to purchase DNA if they have an insufficient amount when clicking a locked crew member

– Fixed a bug where the Tutorial turned off the entire user interface, instead of just the ship widgets

– Fixed a bug where the Tutorial voice over subtitles were overlapping with the ship widgets

– Resolution scaling option will now save correctly

– When buying DNA, currency now includes commas

– Prevented any voiceover other than game end Victory/Defeat/Draw from playing at game end

– Fixed bug in the firing range, where ships would stack on top of each other if the player changed between ships too quickly

– Fixed a bug where the upgrade menu would not be shown on game reconnect

– Stopped the game from creating two lobbies when closing and opening the lobby overlay

– Fixed bug where pure spectators wouldn’t see the ending flyby sequence

– Fixed bug where the player status widget for the enemies wouldn’t appear automatically for pure spectators until they pressed left shift

– Fixed bug where the surrender button was visible in Firing Range

– Fixed bug where spawning dummy ships in firing range would stack in the tab screen

– Added a possible fix for crash at the end of a match

– Fixed possibility of using unowned skins in live games

– Changed home base capture alarm from a looping sequence to a normal loop, to stop it getting stuck

– Fixed some fighters dealing double damage (due to their code not obeying the warhead target rules properly)

– Conquest: Fixed reflections in gamma (planet reflections were far too bright)

– Changed the text for Multi-Res to say ‘only for nVidia 900 series cards and above

– Fixed bug where in spectator cam, the gamma cap notification displayed “Gamma #”

– Potential fix for minor front end display bug

– Fixing issue where text on the DNA capsules is replicated across all the capsules

– Commas separated values are now correctly appearing in alert boxes

– Fixed bombers sometimes fleeing before rearming properly if an enemy is too close

– Increased base damage reduction from 0.5 to 0.7 to reduce likelihood of player being killed in enemy base

– Protector no longer snaps on screen

– Pressing ESC during intro movie will pause it

– Fixed ally Destroyer (Volks) sitting in B1 doing nothing

– Fixed bug where you see resource/gamma HUD information, also removed “first blood” notification and resource flying and flyout animations if the resource gained

– Updated the Black Widow’s Firing Range description

– Fixed issue with missing turret on the Colossus’ Goliath skin

– Fixed bug where Ares Destroyer Tactical and Strategic Jamming System abilities were not appearing on the ability bar

– Fixed the charge time scaling of the primary weapon when entering Overdrive (it would reduce the charge time too much when leveling up)

– Fixed the Ghost’s Ambush not following the turret lead properly, causing it to fire off target if the parent ship is rotating

– Guardian’s Engine now has a description

– Fixed Guardian picking the wrong turret to shoot from sometimes when aiming near the center of its firing arcs (would cause the laser dot to momentarily aim far off to the left)

– Icarus Interceptor effect mesh now matches the hull correctly

– Updated the categories which the Defence Drones come under

– Fixed issue with the Plasma Field not cancelling properly

– Paragon now listed as Heavy Support instead of Heavy Attack

– Broken armor on the right side of the ship should display properly

– Fixed bug where Detect Waypoint did not have a price point attached

– Waypoint cooldown descriptions corrected

– Fission charge damage in description had a typo

– Detect Buoy loadouts have correct VFX radius now

– Detect Buoy variants now assigned to correct slot

– Repair and Pulse Beam ranges corrected in descriptions

– Mark Target is now marked as a debuff and will provide assist points if target is taken down with status effect applied

– Updated USR Colossus model – completely rebuilt from scratch with a 20% reduction in polygon count whilst improving the look of the ship drastically

– Optimized forward station shield mesh and added custom collision

– Removed some unused ship assets from meshes to improve performance