My precious will be available in Armored Warfare when beta starts!


After grinding away for what seems like forever, Carnage is salivating as he pushes the "buy" bottom to spend his in game earnings and get his beloved Abrams. Suddenly, after pushing that button Carnage monitor flashes a large "purchase denied" message in game. Perplexed and somewhat confused Mr. Carnage tries again. "PURCHASE DENIED" flashes again on the screen, this time in larger even angrier font.

"what the fuck!?" Carnage says out loud as his looks at the message, this time txting the rest of the clan to vent and seek advice. After getting a few of us on comms and taking screen shots of what we all think is a bug Carnage gives it a 3rd and final try.

"I said purchase denied!! You would be to damn O.P. in this fucking tank!"

and ear drum shattering shriek is the last thing we hear before the comms go silent. Those of CHH present on comms can only guess were Mr. Carnage ran off to. Personally, I wouldnt want to be a dev for this game right now....


... Piranha Games Interactive has announced that Russ Bullock will be taking a leave of absence from the company, much to the delight of the MechWarrior Online community. Russ Bullock was quoted as saying that during his absence from PGI he will be working as design consultant with Obsidian Entertainment on their new title Armored Warfare. Russ Bullock hopes to lend some of his experience to the project, especially the U.S. line of armored vehicles, citing the Abrams MBT ...