MWO again.


Looks like I fell into this trap again, and I am actually enjoying it. Interestingly enough, light mechs actually seem to take damage like they should, although I have only come across one Firestarter thus far. Also, some new variants have been added to the IS lineup here and there...a new Grasshopper here, a new Enforcer there...and the River City and Forest Colony are definitely higher-quality maps.

Anyway...I am going to town tonight after work; if you would like to join me, start patching up (MWO patcher is the slowest one I have ever seen), and we can go to town tonight. We currently have a CSJ contract, but I am open to pug matches as well.


That would indeed be nice.
Buy myself a nice little missle complex outside Bozeman Montana. Have some friends over from out of town.