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Well since brother @CarnageINC now is apart of Atom thanks to brother @JamesMalner . Now would be a good time to post up how to go about modding and what not of Fallout 4. Some of these will be good to do off the start, and some after you finish the game. Although it is all subjective and doing it all at once will not harm game play at all.

To make modding easy, it is best to use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)

While you are at it might as well create a free account there also, this should make downloading mods easier. As they do have a limit on file size you can download without one and some of the mods listed below will be bigger than the free limit.

Install before you start

i. Full Dialogue Interface
What this mod does is gives you the actual line your character will speak, rather than some condensed form that will not be even remotely close to your choice.

ii. True Storms - Wasteland Edition
What this does is improves the weather effects so it looks, feels, and sounds like you're actually in a storm. From my understanding this mod for Skyrim is the defacto to use there and I can see why.

iii. Improved Map with Visible roads
The default map your Pip-boy has is horrible, really, reall, horrible. This fixes that problem and even puts the markers closer to their proper spots.

iv. Easy Hacking
Basically once you've hacked a thousand terminals it gets tiresome to keep guessing at the correct answer. If you're a master hacker you shouldn't even be seeing the hacking prompted, even if you're a novice hacking a novice terminal you shouldn't see the terminal. This isn't quite that nice but what it does is just shows one choice (the correct one) and you click on it and away you go. It will NOT allow you to hack terminals higher than your perk level which is nice.

v. Easy Lockpicking
The same as Easy Hacking but for lockpicking.

vi. Better warning for settlement attacks
Gives a proper pop-up window when a settlement is being attacked, a must have because if you fail too many settlement defenses then the settlement can "break away" from you and you have to retake it or some junk like that.

vii. Better weapon mod descriptions
Basically when adding mods to weapons you get a really unhelpful description like "increases damage, or recoil reduced". What this mod does is puts that into a % so you can see how much of an improvement or not the mod you're installing on that weapon is.

viii. Better armor mod descriptions
Same as Better weapon mod descriptions

ix. Easy To See Glowing Stuff (ETSGS)
Makes bobble heads, magazines, and holo tapes glow a bit so they are easier to see.

x. no dotdotdot
Shows the complete description of the item, no longer will it get turncated.

Install when you've completed the game or are getting frustrated with stuff

i. Armorsmith Extended
Allows you to put ballistic weave on any item, and well lots of other stuff that i still haven't figured out.

ii. Legendary Modification
Allows you to modify your armor, power armor, and weapons to put on legendary stats. It seems fairly balanced and has a lot of settings to make sure you're creating your own difficulty.

iii. Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
Gives you a boatload of extra stuff to build with. By boatload i mean fuckton, but fuckton i mean a megafuckton.

iv. Simple Intersections
Allows you to clip things just slightly, great when building your ultimate base or just building period!

v. Robot Home Defence
Ever wanted a sentry bot or assaultron as guards in your settlement, but didn't want to hack them to bring them home and slaughter your settlers? Well this mod is for you!

vi. Craftable Armor Size
Ever think it is retarded how we are unable to modify our armor so it is light, medium, or heavy? We find it on our enemies but we are not able to mod for it? Well now we can! What is nice, is the guy has put level and perk restrictions on it.

vii. OCDDectorator
Now you can place your nuka cola for all to see and not have it drop to the floor or go flying away when you fast travel out and back in.

vii. Power Conduits and Pylons - Increased radius
Changes the default radius of pylons and conduits so you do not need to run them all over the place just to power lights, etc.

That is all I have for now while I am on my laptop, i know i have other mods installed on my desktop but will have to look at those when i get home tomorrow night sometime. If you've got mods that are not listed here post it!. These i know work as i use them all and have not run into any issues so far (famous last words lol).


Better Settlers:

The Author says:
  1. Slightly Stronger Settlers (Raider Psycho toughness).
  2. The have a lifegiver and adamantium skeleton perk so they can no longer get perpetually crippled and will now heal out-of-combat between battles they survive (this is important if you use the Mortal patch).
  3. So even though they are tougher, they CAN die and still need your help defending.
  4. All have a chance to roll 2 stimpacks. (which they do use in battle).
  5. All get better starter weapons.
  6. All have a chance to roll on spawn: normal clothes (55%), partial leather(15%), full leather (15%), full metal set (10%), or combat armor (5%).
  7. Everything is done with existing vanilla assets. I only changed the levelled lists.