Looks like .3.1 dropped!


Update 0.3.1 Patch Notes
Signals and Achievements
  • A system of achievements and signal flags has been introduced. By obtaining achievements, a player earns sets of signal flags that affect a player's in-game performance. There are 10 signal types at the moment; each of them can be awarded once a day. Players can mount the earned signals on any ships: aircraft carriers have four slots for this purpose, while the other ship types have eight slots each. Each type of signal affects the ship's performance in a particular way - from giving extra Credits for a battle to slightly enhancing the maximum speed. All the signals mounted on a ship are spent when entering battle.
  • Along with achievements, a new feature of gift boxes has been introduced. A gift box is an object that can contain a certain amount of game items (only signal flags at this point).
Introductory Mission
  • A scripted training mission, available only to new players, has been added in a test capacity. It introduces the basics of control, firing, and game mechanics to newcomers. The introductory mission starts automatically after login--if free server resources are available. Upon completion of (or exit from) the Introductory Mission, the player is sent to Port and is set to Level 1 in their Service Record. Since the system is still being debugged, the current version of the training mission will be launched and available to a relatively small number of players.
Teamkill Penalty System
  • For any actions against allies (damage to and/or destruction of an allied ship) a penalty is imposed at the end of the battle in the form of diminished amounts of Experience and Credits earned. A teamkill rating is opened for the offending player.
  • When the player's rating reaches a certain value, Teamkiller status is activated for the player. At this point, an equal and increasing amount of the damage the player causes to allies is reflected back at the offending player. The higher the rating, the greater the damage multiplier is.
  • The teamkill rating is reduced when the player damages and destroys enemy ships. The teamkill rating will decrease slightly at the end of the battle if the player takes no hostile actions against allies during the battle. When the teamkill rating becomes low enough the Teamkiller status is removed.
  • When calculating the teamkill rating, the type of armament used is also taken into account. The teamkill rating can be reduced by causing damage to enemies with a certain armament type; however, this reduction will only affect the rating for damage caused to allies with the same type of armament.
  • Players with Teamkiller status are not banned. They are only marked for the above mentioned penalties.
Tech Tree changes
  • New branches added: US battleships and IJN aircraft carriers have arrived!
  • IJN tier IX and X carriers (Taiho & Hakuryu) are temporarily removed from the tech tree.
  • Gaps in Japan’s tech branches have Been filled by Furutaka , tier V cruiser, and Izumo , tier IX battleship.
  • US tech tree branch has been changed: Bogue, tier V aircraft carrier, has been introduced to move Independence, aircraft carrier, to tier VI. Removed Saipan, tier VI aircraft carrier, from the tech tree.
  • Added Ishizuchi, tier IV battleship for Japan. She will not be available for purchase until an undetermined date after the release of v0.3.1 (keep your eyes peeled for news!).
  • Tatsuta, Japanese tier III cruiser, has been renamed to Tenryu.
  • Visual models of several ships have been changed. Both hulls of Tenryu, tier III cruiser for Japan, have been changed. Hulls have also been added for Omaha, US tier V cruiser, and for Ranger, US tier VII aircraft carrier.
Aviation and Aircraft Control
  • When an order is given to a squadron with a middle mouse-button click, the camera will focus on the squadron, in a similar way to tracking a shell or torpedo after firing.
  • If an aircraft carrier is destroyed, a countdown timer will be activated for all her airborne squadrons. When the countdown timer (three minutes) expires, these squadrons will be destroyed. During the countdown, the squadrons will follow the last orders given to them. When an order has been fulfilled or cannot be further fulfilled, the squadron will automatically switch to waiting on orders. All the aircraft in the squadron that were not shot down by the enemy after the destruction of their carrier ship will not be considered as lost in action in the battle results. When the battle is over, these aircraft will be automatically added to the ship without cost.
  • You will no longer be able to send your squadrons to escort allied ships or squadrons. Instead, you can only escort your own ship and your own squadrons, but the escorting squadrons will now automatically engage enemy squadrons that come within 1.5 km.
  • Attack aircraft / fighter squadrons that are out of ammunition can only be ordered to follow the player's ship or squadrons.
  • For attack aircraft squadrons, we added a visual indication to inform the player that it is impossible to cancel or redirect a squadron's attack after it has started. In such situations, the torpedo cone or bomb delivery ellipse will be yellowed.
Game Balance Changes
  • Now plating and construction steel are also treated as armor for the purpose of shell ballistics calculation.
  • Arming threshold has been raised for AP shells.
  • Penetration threshold has been lowered for HE shells.
  • Damage from HE shells has been reassessed upwards and penetrating hit damage has been increased.
  • Ship combat capability will no longer be decreased because of close HE shell explosions; these explosions will only damage affected ship modules.
  • Torpedoes' visibility from the air has been reduced.
  • Both reloading time and action time of the Damage Control Party ability has been increased for battleships.
  • The action time of Damage Control Party will be 20 seconds for US battleships, 10 seconds for Japanese battleships, and 15 seconds for Warspite, tier VI UK battleship.
  • Patrol area dimensions have been increased for catapult-launched reconnaissance aircraft.
  • The Repair Party ability will become available on tier IX and X heavy cruisers.
  • Damage from HE bombs has been increased.
  • Reload time of all 610 mm torpedo tubes has been decreased.
  • Damage to main battery turrets has been decreased.
  • The ship mobility system has been improved. Now turning circle radius and dynamics are more dependent on the displacement, engine power, and the linear dimensions and proportions.
  • With addition of many new ships with different armor structure there were a lot of issues reported regarding incorrect armor numbers displayed in Port. The armor UI was temporarily removed, and we will bring it back after reworking.
Individual Ships
  • The main battery firing rate has been increased for Yamato, Japan’s tier X Battleship.
  • Smoke and the Smoke Generator Charge ability have been added for Kitakami, Japan’s tier VII cruiser.
  • The main battery rate of fire has been increased for Baltimore, USA’s tier IX cruiser.
  • Mogami and Myoko have swapped places on Japan's tech tree. Now Mogami tests at tier VIII while Myoko is at tier VII.
  • Both the main battery firing rate and combat capability have been increased for Zao, Japan’s tier X cruiser.
  • Aiming speed of the main battery guns has been increased for Fuso, Japan’s battleship at tier VI.
  • We've reduced the rotation of the primary armament turrets for Fuso and Kongo.
  • AA armament has been weakened for Fuso, Japan’s battleship at tier VI.
  • AA armament has been weakened for Kongo, tier V Japanese battleship.
  • Accuracy of 140 mm guns secondary battery has been reduced for Nagato, Japan’s battleship at tier VII.
  • Warspite, tier VI UK Premium battleship, now features improved accuracy of secondary battery, main battery and accuracy at short range. She will also enjoy higher efficiency of the Repair Party ability (10% more effective).
  • Accuracy of 140 mm guns secondary battery has been reduced for Amagi, Japan’s battleship at tier VIII.
Game Maps
Visual designs for all maps are still in progress.

  • Map randomization priorities have been revised.
  • Matchmaking screen has been remade. Now the player will only see the ships within the player's match making range.
  • Hotspot map has been introduced. It is available for high-tier ships in Domination and Encounter Battle modes.
  • Towns have been added to North and Islands of Ice maps.
  • The appearance of the Port has been completely revised for Standard and Premium Accounts.
  • Spawning parameters and locations have been reworked for Islands of Ice map.
  • Domination mode has been added and a few locations of islands have changed for North map.
  • Faultline map’s battle area has reduced. The ship spawning system and location of islands have also been changed for this map.
  • The post processing effect for smoke screen has been enhanced by improving visibility in the center of the screen compared to the edges.
  • Improvements were implemented for animating and rendering flags.
  • When a shell ricochets off armor, its trajectory change will now be visible.
  • Added a visual effect of displaced air bubbles that will be displayed when a destroyed ship is sinking.
  • For all maps, game area borders have received visual improvements.
  • A new improved sound system will be used for playing all sounds.
  • All shot sounds now consist of three elements: Attack, body, and tail. For each ship, both effects and combinations of these elements have been customized according to the ship type and tier. In short, shooting sound effects have been completely reworked.
  • Hit sounds have been fully remade.
  • Some game interface sounds and their interaction have been improved.
  • Voice messages have been enhanced.
  • Battle countdown timer sounds will now run as follows. Sound alert number one will be played when the Battle! button becomes visible. Sound alert number two and a voice message will be played one second before the end of the countdown.
  • The ship destruction sound effect has been reworked.
  • Ship movement sounds have been improved together with the algorithm for dynamic mixing of these sounds in each of the camera views.
  • Smooth transitions between the sound tracks have been implemented for the game login screen video, Port, and battle loading screen.
  • Starting from this version, the same sound banks will be used for high and low sound quality. Selected sound quality will affect only the replay settings and the overall number of various sound effects (for example, shooting sounds).
  • Ambient sounds have been improved.
  • All sound effects have been mixed to take advantage of the new sound upgrades.
  • Several new sound tracks have been added.
System Changes
  • Battle interface and HUD have been optimized for low and medium performance computers.
  • Interface performance has been improved for the Port screen.
  • Distance-dependent level-of-detail (LOD) switching for models has been enhanced.
  • We've updated the architecture of the game client. We're testing a mechanism for protecting against and limiting the ability to create and apply unwanted cmodification. The system is still in the early stages of testing and will require a number of iterations before being finalized.


Awesome. Looking forward to patching tonight.

Not looking forward to having enough time to make a cup of coffee while Yamato's guns reload lol.


Yes, I agree with you guys. It seems to me that this is game is more in the early stages of development than I previously thought.

Dark DeLaurel

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Back in the day I would call this an alpha build. Not sure why it is hard for them to put it into the game. It literally should be a few lines of code and a half hour of UI work.