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Well some of you know I listen to a lot of Metal and hard rock music, today I am posting up Lamb of God. They are a thrash metal band out of Richmond, VA, USA. Their new disc is called Sturm und Drang and is pretty good.

It seems some people do not know that their lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested in Poland and sent to prison for someone dying at one of their shows. Someone got up on stage and something happened, the person got off stage/fell off and walked away only to later die.So the next time the band was in Prague he was arrested in the airport. You can read about his experience as he has wrote a book about it (pretty interesting read as it reads like someone is telling you a story [I'm part way through it right now]).

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Instagram of Randy (Vocals) - (this is a good follow as he is a great photographer and posts that stuff not a lot of band related material)
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Lamb of God - 512

Lamb of God - Overload

Lamb of God - Redneck

Lamb of God - Ghost Walking (great anime style video)


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