Floor Plans: Oregon - Protect hostage

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Pictures of each defend location along with the camera locations. In the matchmaking preferences this is called TDM - Secure Area (Multiplayer)/Protect Hostage (Terrorist Hunt) and the map is called Oregon.

Protect Hostage

Dorms Main Hall

This room has one roof access in the storage room right behind the hostage.

Th is the door to the storage room that has the roof access.

Go out this door to get to the roof access in the storage room.

This is the roof access in the storage room behind the hostage.

To get to the roof access from this zone
  • Go out the second door pictured.
  • Then go down the hall and turn right.
  • Then up the stairs.
  • Then turn left and go in to the bedroom at the end of the hall.
  • Then it is between the two bunk beds on the right hand side of the room.

This is the access itself.

This is the view looking at the stairs you come up.

Meeting Hall
There is one roof access right above the hostage and is accessible by the ladder in the room and then in behind the sandbags.

Access to the basement here (by the ammo box and to the front of the hostage).

This is the roof access that you will have to go up the ladder to block off.

Another access into the basement (this is to the left of the hostage).

Supply Room
There are three roof accesses for this zone.

This access is in the room to the right when you are staring towards the main big door in the room.

This access is straight out the main big door and just off to the right in the corner.

This access is in the laundry room, go out the main big door and to the left.

Camera Locations

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