Floor Plans: House - Protect hostage

Dark DeLaurel

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Pictures of each defend location along with the camera locations. In the matchmaking preferences this is called TDM - Secure Area(Multiplayer)/Protect Hostage (Terrorist Hunt) and the map is called House.

Master Bedroom
Has an access to the Dining room through a floor access on the dock side of the house.


Dining Room
Has access through the roof from the Master bedroom, dock side of the house.

What the roof access looks like from the dining room.

What the floor access to the dining room looks like from the master bedroom (with reinforcement already on it).

Laundry Room
Has a roof access in it, which you will find in the kitchen.

This is the roof access. you will find it in the kitchen.

This is the access from the kitchen into the Laundry room.

Camera Locations

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