A higher tier M60 option?


Looks like Raytheon is looking to offer up an alternative option to the M1 Export model. Targeting countries with existing M60A3 fleets.

As a refit design I wonder just how viable it'll make the M60 vs more modern armor.


You really know how to give me a boner.

I want this almost as much as I want the M60 with the GAU-8 in the turret.


Ease of maintenance...LOL I missed out on the M-60 by 3-4 years. All I ever heard from my Sergeants back then was how bad and difficult maintenance was on those pigs.

After watching this, I have to say that most of what they did to the tank is what the Israeli's have done for decades now. The Magach 6/7 and the Sabra were Israeli rebuilds to update the chassis. More than likely I suspect is that Raytheon probably helped them do it and now are looking to update other armies of the world as a quick, cheap and easy way to make some money.

It would be an awesome addition to Armored Warfare, Aethon has a huge hard on for his A3 :rolleyes:


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