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  1. CarnageINC

    Information World of Warplanes guide

    I thought I would throw together a guide for anyone interested in trying out World of Warplanes 2.0. The game is great and fun but its not always intuitive, hence the need for a new player guide. You don't need to master all these bits of advice to do well in the game, just reading these few...
  2. CarnageINC

    Information Best BattleField 1 Memes

    Found another good one. The title on this one is "How I feel after not dying for ten minutes"
  3. CarnageINC

    Information Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

    Not impressed with the story flow shown in their trailer. "Oh hey, there is mech in our base!" On the plus side a lot of the art assets are already done.
  4. CarnageINC

    Information Best BattleField 1 Memes

    I want to start a thread for those of us who play BF1. Post here the sickest meme's you find. The first one I'm posting really hits home for me lol....
  5. CarnageINC

    Information If you like to play with your mates and have stupid fun....

    I seen that a while ago, I re-keyed all my plane stuff, now I can actually fly a plane!
  6. CarnageINC

    Balance 2.0 info

    I know most of you probably could care less about AW but they have come out with info on the new changes happening soon. Balance 2.0
  7. CarnageINC

    The Great War Series

    I'll give it a looksy ;) Great book to read if you like it heavy, by Martin Gilbert. I've read it at least 4-5 times. Very informative of the overall situation on all fronts throughout the war.
  8. CarnageINC

    Information Huge BF1 patch

    I really like the new changes they made for BF1, almost all I think are really solid improvements. We’re excited to share with you the Battlefield 1 Fall Update. The below changes are for all...
  9. CarnageINC

    Information If you like to play with your mates and have stupid fun....

    Yeah H, I just roll my eyes went you have a medic run right past you, I'm like "WWWWHHHAAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!!?"
  10. CarnageINC

    Information If you like to play with your mates and have stupid fun....

    Seriously, if you guys like to have a great time with friends, you have to check out Battlefield 1. This game IMO is probably on my top 3 all time favorite PvP games to play. I've never been a huge fan of FPS's but this is good. I suck, I die, I do stupid stuff....however, a lot of times I...
  11. CarnageINC

    Interesting Perspective on WWII

    I seen this a few months ago, very interesting on the human toll that war took on the world.
  12. CarnageINC

    Cinima Doraleous & Associates

  13. CarnageINC

    Crew Skills Guide

    Aethon told me about this one, I didn't quite know what some of the crew skills exactly did. Its pretty helpful once you start getting a lot of different crew members. FS Crew Skill Guide
  14. CarnageINC

    Information New addition inbound Dark, we need a Fractured Space forum now lol

    Yep, I suspect we need a new forum for our FS porn :p
  15. CarnageINC

    New Pre-Alpha game footage!

    I so can't wait for this game to come out, its gonna be a dream come true!
  16. CarnageINC

    Monthly Gaming Schedules

    Here are the monthly list of games. I thought it would be easier to try this out by weekly blocks instead of set days. Week 1 will start at the first Sunday of the first FULL (7 days all in the same month) week of the month. For the occasional odd month that has 5 weeks (i.e. October of this...
  17. CarnageINC

    Monthly Gaming Schedules

    Okay, I floated the idea of having times during the month so we can come together as a group to play certain games. While all you guys thought this was a good idea, I'm skeptical if we, as a group, will want to do it. So this is a trial run to see how it works out. Some hard rules I want to...
  18. CarnageINC

    Information HBS Battletech Pre-Alpha Video!

  19. CarnageINC

    Misc. System Performance

    Are you sure these aren't your pulse rates during masturbation? Looks like you flat line after orgasm....o_O
  20. CarnageINC

    A higher tier M60 option?

    Ease of maintenance...LOL I missed out on the M-60 by 3-4 years. All I ever heard from my Sergeants back then was how bad and difficult maintenance was on those pigs. After watching this, I have to say that most of what they did to the tank is what the Israeli's have done for decades now...