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  1. JamesMalner

    Shot on the run.

    Timer count at approx 9:40.
  2. JamesMalner

    Misc. System Performance

    System performance while playing RB6:S System performance while playing AW.
  3. JamesMalner

    Just some AW stuff

    And this was a game this afternoon with @CarnageINC .
  4. JamesMalner

    Just some AW stuff

    These were from a previous battle where I was watching @Aethon take a beating a deal it back out.
  5. JamesMalner

    A higher tier M60 option?

    Looks like Raytheon is looking to offer up an alternative option to the M1 Export model. Targeting countries with existing M60A3 fleets. As a refit design I wonder just how viable it'll make the M60 vs more modern armor.
  6. JamesMalner

    Outpost Zimonja

    Spring Cleaning is a solid mod thus far, as long as you set it to NOT remove structures such as the static homes in Sanctuary it does well. So use in moderation. The link to it for Nexus is here...
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    Outpost Zimonja

  8. JamesMalner

    Outpost Zimonja

  9. JamesMalner

    Outpost Zimonja

  10. JamesMalner

    Outpost Zimonja

    Ok so I started a new site build for either a personal base or for a light settlement. Other than the base workbench and the structure I have not placed any additional items as of yet. The base structure is still subject to modification. I'm working to stay within the confines of the base...
  11. JamesMalner

    Fallout 4 (Motion Sickness). A Stopgap Fix.

    Like so many other issues with Fallout 4, one is motion sickness. Now I'm not one inclined to suffer from such issues, a large some of the community apparently does. Now from what can be pulled from the community at large there are some tweaks available that help to alleviate the symptoms. At...
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    Just saying ...
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    Only because it's THAT season...

    When I heard this song it became my Christmas anthem :cool:. There was no two ways about it, besides I'm a Dropkick fan as it is :D.
  14. JamesMalner

    Fort Sanctuary

    Heh - I'm working on a new location... the Starlight Drive-In, what I'm now calling Firebase Starlight. I've got fortifications much like I do in Sanctuary but in addition I have 2 fix artillery batteries (6 Guns) in place. I'll post pictures later... This time I had to go beyond the limitation...
  15. JamesMalner

    Fort Sanctuary

    Pics or it didn't happen? Ok Dark here you go.... Yes I was able to wall in Sanctuary and stay within the limits of the game. I currently have beds and supplies for 15 settlers AND still have room to expand - I still need to clear some of the existing structures. All of the wall sections...
  16. JamesMalner

    Somethings just wont die in Fallout4

    This little bastard has lost all 4 limbs and still refuses to DIE!
  17. JamesMalner

    Information How not to play RB6 Siege

    Oh come on :( @MrHumble isn't THAT bad. If collateral damage wasn't acceptable and the use of excessive force was not authorized then they wouldn't allow high explosives and fully automatic weapons as standard kit :confused:. Besides @CarnageINC is still going to fall off something and land on a...
  18. JamesMalner


    Yup, survived right up to the end. I'm still waiting on the wrecker though.