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  1. JamesMalner

    Shot on the run.

    Timer count at approx 9:40.
  2. JamesMalner

    Misc. System Performance

    System performance while playing RB6:S System performance while playing AW.
  3. JamesMalner

    Just some AW stuff

    These were from a previous battle where I was watching @Aethon take a beating a deal it back out.
  4. JamesMalner

    A higher tier M60 option?

    Looks like Raytheon is looking to offer up an alternative option to the M1 Export model. Targeting countries with existing M60A3 fleets. As a refit design I wonder just how viable it'll make the M60 vs more modern armor.
  5. JamesMalner

    Outpost Zimonja

    Ok so I started a new site build for either a personal base or for a light settlement. Other than the base workbench and the structure I have not placed any additional items as of yet. The base structure is still subject to modification. I'm working to stay within the confines of the base...
  6. JamesMalner

    Fallout 4 (Motion Sickness). A Stopgap Fix.

    Like so many other issues with Fallout 4, one is motion sickness. Now I'm not one inclined to suffer from such issues, a large some of the community apparently does. Now from what can be pulled from the community at large there are some tweaks available that help to alleviate the symptoms. At...
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    Just saying ...
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    Fort Sanctuary

    Pics or it didn't happen? Ok Dark here you go.... Yes I was able to wall in Sanctuary and stay within the limits of the game. I currently have beds and supplies for 15 settlers AND still have room to expand - I still need to clear some of the existing structures. All of the wall sections...
  9. JamesMalner

    Somethings just wont die in Fallout4

    This little bastard has lost all 4 limbs and still refuses to DIE!
  10. JamesMalner

    So about a vehicle crew member....

    Ok, so I picked up the AMX-10P PAC 90 in AW and look who was attached to the crew.
  11. JamesMalner

    8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger

    So here I was minding my own when these two yahoo's pulled me in to a few matches. That will teach me to stand around where people can see me. So not a great match in the sense that I killed a fuck load of people... 1 kill... Nothing special. Damage dealt and damage blocked by armor on the other...
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    Marder 38T

  13. JamesMalner

    Pz. III/IV

    Force Recon Pz. III/IV
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    Windows Windows 7 Issues with - KB 3004394

    I was trolling the web, if you haven't seen this for those of us that may run Windows 7: "The KB 3004394 update that was dated December 10, 2014 can cause additional problems on computers that are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. This includes the inability...
  15. JamesMalner

    A bit of sound to enhance the air of WoT...

    For your listening pleasure.... take a moment to download the attached file.... Then follow these "easy" steps to install the files for use: INSTALLATION ============== - backup you original "ingame_voice.fev" file which is located in "/World of Tanks/res/audio" - Copy "ingame_voice.fev" and...
  16. JamesMalner

    Panzer II G

    I'm not posting any stats screen captures as those would just be fluff. In a Pz. II G I was able to tie up 3-4 tanks for about half of the battle. Mind you I had a 15 sec reload on my gun - you'd think I'd have been rushed during reloading but NOOOOooooo.